Sit-stand desks enable an active workspace for a healthier way to work. Our line of ergonomically designed sit stand desk and accessories are created so you can thrive throughout your workday. Choose from our sit-stand desk converters, full desks, wall-mounted workstations, mobile desks and standing desk accessories.

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Desk Converters

Turn your existing desk into an active sit stand workstation with a sit-stand converter that works right out of the box. Go from sitting in place to standing up in no time.

Desk Converters

Full Desks

Full sit-stand desks come in manual and motorized options with different bases and tabletops to match your style.

Full Desks

Wall-mounted Workstations

Limited on space in the workplace? Our line of wall-mounted workstations saves you precious home and office space, because we know just how important that is.

Wall-mounted Workstations

Mobile Desks

Workstations that go where you go. Stay mobile, stay productive.

Mobile Desks
SKU: MI-10203
Pink Blue Grey
Kid's Desk and Chair Set for Ages 3-10
Regular price $139.99 Sale price $118.99 Save $21
SKU: MI-7931
Hand Crank Sit-Stand Desk (Frame Only), Black
Mount-It! Height Adjustable Rolling Stand up Desk - MI-7940 - Mount-It!
SKU: MI-7940
Silver Black
Height Adjustable Rolling Stand up Desk
SKU: MI-7972B
Black Silver
Height Adjustable Rolling Stand up Desk
Sold Out
Mount-It! Dual Monitor Stand Up Desk Converter - MI-7904 - Mount-It!
SKU: MI-7904
Dual Monitor Stand Up Workstation
Sold Out
Mount-It! Wall Mounted Single Monitor Workstation - MI-7905 - Mount-It!
SKU: MI-7905
Wall Mounted Sit-Stand Single Monitor Workstation
Mount-It! Computer Mobile Monitor Cart With CPU Holder – MI-7948 - Mount-It!
SKU: MI-7948
Mobile Cart With Monitor Mount & CPU Holder
SKU: MI-7934
Sit-Stand Desk Converter w/ Dual Monitor Mount
Sold Out
Mount-It! Monitor and Keyboard Wall Mount with CPU Holder – MI-7919 - Mount-It!
SKU: MI-7919
Monitor and Keyboard Wall Mount with CPU Holder
Mount-It! Mobile Standing Laptop Desk with Wheels - MI-7969 - Mount-It!
SKU: MI-7969
Mobile Standing Desk w/ Locking Wheels