Moving & Storage

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    All your moving and storage needs are at your fingertips! Select from hand trucks, dollies, rolling carts, storage cubes and more. Make moving and storage easy.
    30 products
    SKU: MI-905
    Rolling Utility Cart
    SKU: MI-906
    Rolling Mesh Utility Cart
    Mount-It! Folding Hand Truck/Luggage Cart - MI-902 - Mount-It!
    SKU: MI-902
    Folding Hand Truck
    Sold Out
    SKU: MI-907
    Rolling Utility Shopping Cart
    Sold Out
    SKU: MI-901
    Folding Hand Truck/Luggage Cart
    Mount-It! Rolling Collapsible Utility Cart - MI-904 - Mount-It!
    SKU: MI-904
    Rolling Collapsible Utility Cart
    SKU: MI-909
    Folding Plastic Storage Crates
    from $38.99
    Sold Out
    SKU: WI-3002
    Collapsible Milk Crate
    from $26.99
    SKU: MI-908
    Collapsible Plastic Storage Crate
    SKU: WI-3001
    Heavy-Duty Plastic Storage Bins, Set of 3
    SKU: WI-4002
    Modular Cube Storage Organizer
    from $38.99
    SKU: MI-913
    Stair Climber Hand Truck and Dolly
    SKU: MI-921
    Heavy Duty Foldable Flatbed with Swivel Wheels
    SKU: MI-920
    Foldable Flatbed with Swivel Wheels
    Sold Out
    SKU: MI-912
    Folding Luggage Cart and Dolly
    Sold Out
    SKU: WI-4012
    Wire Cube Storage Organizer
    from $31.99
    SKU: WI-4010
    24 Piece Storage Cube Connector
    SKU: MI-7860
    3-Tier Rolling Utility Cart
    SKU: WI-4030
    Portable Clothes Closet Rack - 12 Cubes
    SKU: WI-4031
    Portable Clothes Closet Rack
    SKU: MI-925
    Small Platform Wooden Mover Dolly
    from $30.99
    Sold Out
    SKU: WI-4032
    Blue Pink
    Children's Portable Clothes Closet Rack
    from $47.99
    SKU: MI-926
    Small Platform Mover Dolly
    from $30.99
    SKU: MI-924
    Stair Climber Hand Truck
    SKU: MI-923
    Stair Climber Shopping Cart with Bag
    SKU: MI-914
    Premium Folding Luggage Cart
    Sold Out
    SKU: MI-907S
    Small Rolling Utility Shopping Cart
    Sold Out
    SKU: MI-7861
    5 Tier Metal Shelving Unit
    Sold Out
    SKU: MI-7862
    5 Tier Wire Shelving with Wheels
    SKU: MI-7863
    Kitchen Baker's Rack with Wood Table and Storage

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